See excerpts and read stories from issues of So Buttons featuring the autobio stories of writer Jonathan Baylis as illustrated by the talents of Noah Van Sciver, Thomas Boatwright, Fred Hembeck, TJ Kirsch, David Beyer Jr., Eric Kim, Paul Westover, Paul Salvi, Thomas Boatwright, Tim Ogline, Mr. Alan, and Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg!

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So Buttons #7 features cover art by Danny Hellman and interior work by Joseph Remnant, Phil Elliott, Paul Westover, David Beyer Jr., and T.J. Kirsch.

“So… Crumby” (art by Joseph Remnant)

“So… Embarrassed” (art by Paul Westover)

”So… Smiley” (art by David Beyer Jr.)

So Buttons #6 features a Garbage Pail Kids tribute cover by Jay Lynch and interior work by Fred Hembeck, Josh Bayer, Sam Spina, T.J. Kirsch, Victor Kerlow, and Becky Hawkins.

“So… Ignorant” (art by Victor Kerlow)

“Bilbao InterLewd” (art by Becky Hawkins)

”So… Radiant” (art by Victor Kerlow)

“So… Simon Says” (art by Fred Hembeck)
“Trimpe Survives” (art by Josh Bayer)

“So… This Is Where I Get It From” (art by T.J. Kirsch)
“So… Begrudgingly” (art by Sam Spina)

Teej Comix #1 features a collection of short stories written and drawn by cartoonist T.J. Kirsch, co-creator of She Died in Terrebonne: A Sam Kimimura Mystery (with writer Kevin Church). Here, Kirsch explores comics based on dreams, visceral images and classic American animation archetypes.

So Buttons #5 features a tribute to the first Kirby book I ever read, Cap #212, by Tom Scioli (Godland, American Barbarian) and interior work by Noah Van Sciver, who’s getting buzz right now because of his Lincoln GN for Fantagraphics called The Hypo. Also featured are Thomas Boatwright (Zeke Deadwood), Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg (I Cut My Hair), and Paul Westover.

“So… Extracted” (art by Paul Westover)

“So… Caffeinated” (art by Thomas Boatwright)
“So… Escalated” (art by Noah Van Sciver)

”So… Brisk” (art by Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg)

So Buttons #4 debuted at the Small Press Expo 2011 and features art by Noah Van Sciver, Fred Hembeck, Thomas Boatwright, T.J. Kirsch, and more!

“So… Loyal” (art by Noah Van Sciver)

”So… Extracted” (art by Paul Westover)

“So… Chalk it Up to Konglateral Damage” (art by Thomas Boatwright)

“So… Orderly” (art by T.J. Kirsch)
“So… Dreamy” (art by Paul Westover)
“So… Mighty” (art by Fred Hembeck)
“So/undance” (art by T.J. Kirsch)
“So… Big Red One” (art by Tim Ogline) — READ FULL STORY, FREE!
“So… Stranger Than Parrot Eyes” (art by Thomas Boatwright)
“So… It’s For the Birds” (art by David Beyer, Jr.)
“So… Dino” (art by Paul Salvi)
“So… Folded” (art by Eric Kim)

In So Buttons #3: “So Horror-ble,” critically acclaimed author Jonathan Baylis is taking a somewhat different approach, presenting fictional tales of a more eerie vein.

“So… I Went to L.A. (art by Thomas Boatwright)
“In the… Old Fashioned Way” (art by David Beyer, Jr.)
“In the Head, Please” (art by David Beyer, Jr.) — READ FULL STORY, FREE!
“In the Heat of Battle” (art by T.J. Kirsch)

Inspired by the works of Harvey Pekar—with whom he has been compared—Jonathan Baylis’s So Buttons #2 features six autobiographical stories, wry observations on marriage, Vietnam, Republicans, Forrest J. Ackerman and John Lennon.

“So… She Married Me Anyway” (art by T.J. Kirsch) — READ FULL STORY, FREE!
“So… I Should Stick to My Day Job” (art by T.J. Kirsch)
“So, Convene” (art by David Beyer, Jr.)
“Intrepid” (art by Tim Ogline)
“So… I Can See the Forrest for Da Bronx” (art by T.J. Kirsch)
“So… I Like the Walrus” (art by T.J. Kirsch)

This personal yet accessible set of stories in the first issue of So Buttons will appeal to anyone who’s struggled through growing up — is “a promising collection of collaborations… transitioning somehow seamlessly from interracial porn to the musical Annie,” according to Jeffrey Brown, comics creator for McSweeney’s and Drawn & Quarterly.

“So… The Sun Won’t Come Out Tomorrow” (art by T.J. Kirsch) — READ FULL STORY, FREE!
“So… I’m Dating a Comic” (art by T.J. Kirsch)
“So… My Dad Got Drafted?” (art by Mr. Alan)
“So… Only Nixon Could’ve Gone to China” (art by David Beyer, Jr.)
“So… Heaven Smells Like Bacon” (art by David Beyer, Jr.)
“So… She Moved in With Me Anyway” (art by T.J. Kirsch)
“So… Racist?” (art by David Beyer, Jr.)

The first So Buttons Holiday Special! Where King Kong Meets Thanksgiving and a young Canadian Jewish girl meets Santa! With a cameo by Godzilla!

IN SO BUTTONS Holiday Special #1:
“So… Chalk it Up to Konglateral Damage” (art by Thomas Boatwright) — READ FULL STORY, FREE!
“So… He Made It Out of Clay?” (art by T.J. Kirsch, adapted from a story by Ophira Eisenberg)