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So Buttons auteur Jonathan Baylis appears on AMC’s “Comic Book Men.” Read about Jonathan’s appearance on this very special episode.

The art for “Big Red One” from So Buttons #4 by Tim Ogline has been accepted into the Kapow! Comic Art and Storyboarding 2012 show at the Foundry Art Centre in Saint Charles, MO. Ogline has also been tapped to do the poster and cover art for the upcoming documentary on maverick filmmaker Samuel Fuller by daughter Samantha Fuller.

Selected pages from “Intrepid” illustrated by Tim Ogline from So Buttons #2 have been awarded Second Place in the 2011 Philadelphia Sketch Club Art of Sequentials Show.

“Intrepid” written by Jonathan Baylis and illustrated by Tim Ogline from So Buttons #2 is required reading in the Fall 2009 semester of “Composing Graphic Narratives” at Rutgers University.

What people are saying about So Buttons:

“Maybe the best quality of Baylis as a creator is his affable storytelling; you just can’t *not* like the writing. He also reels in the artistic talent here…. Grade A.”
— Justin Giampiaoli, Poopsheet

“ It’s all as good one would expect from previous issues of the series, another chance to have a visit with a pal and hear some of his stories.”
— Matthew Brady,

So Buttons #5, by Jonathan Baylis and various artists. Baylis continues to improve both as a writer and a self-publisher, as this comic looks attractive without being too slick. Baylis made sure to assign stories that played to the strengths of the artists he worked with, something that Harvey Pekar did so well for so long.”
—Rob Clough,

“It’s a great little zine full of clever true-to-life moments that we all can relate to.”
— Jason Sacks
, Comics Bulletin

“So I went to L.A… nice story—learned something too.”
— Chris Staros, Top Shelf

“Don’t let Baylis fool you. Yes, his comics are funny, but I read them for the quiet, human moments that will stick with you long after you’ve finished reading.”
— Nick Bertozzi, author/artist of The Salon

“I really dug ‘So I Went To L.A…’ great story/great art. The King Kong tale was fun, too (nostalgic). I dig the artist you’re working with. You two make a swell pair.”
— Dean Haspiel (on the L.A./Kong stories in So Buttons #4)

“Baylis’ observations and anecdotes are AMUSING AND REVEALING… Smartly paced… Reminiscent of Harvey Pekar’s work.”

“A FUN COMIC. Jonathan is a writer to keep an eye on.”
— Xeric award winner Scott Mills (Cells)

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