So Buttons #13

“These comics are the bits and pieces of a real life. From the banal to the beautiful. Jonathan’s stories are relatable and often very funny.”
— Noah Van Sciver, Joseph Smith and the Mormons and Fante Bukowski

“I love SO BUTTONS. Jonathan has such a welcoming voice as a narrator, gently bringing you into his experiences like you’re chatting with an old friend. And he curates the artists for his stories, playing to their strengths, so well."
— Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

“As has become his custom, Baylis enlists a ‘murder’s row̱ of talented cartoonists to illustrate his… fun, charming, occasionally informative, and sometimes even thought-provoking vignettes…what’s not to love?
— Ryan Carey, Four Color Apocalypse

“Following in the footsteps of the late, great Harvey Pekar, Jonathan Baylis not only carves out soulful slices of life, but also dissertates compellingly on bits of culture that strike his fancy.”
— Rob Clough, “High Low,” TCJ